Virtual Sports Vs. Real Ones!

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Real Sports Vs Virtual Sport

The main stereotype on video games is that they only have negative effects on people. Negative effects include addiction to the game, health problems such as obesity and becoming unsociable. On video games now you are able to play a game of football while sitting on your couch at home. But that is keeping children indoors and keeping them from doing physical activities.

We all know that video games have negative effects on people's minds but there are also positive effects that we don't think about. The most common positive effects would include improvement in their hand-eye coordination. It is also said that playing video games is better than watching television as video games are interactive. Based on this topic we decided to interview 5th class pupils and The Co Wicklow VEC Sports Promotion Unit to hear what they had to say about it.



Interview with Sports promotion unit on the subject of real sports.



1. What does your job entail? We go into primary schools and Community Centres and get people aged 10-21 involved in sports/clubs. We also set up Gaelic leagues around Bray.

2. What did you study in college? In college I studied Recreation and Leisure.

3. Do you enjoy doing your job? Yes, I wouldn't be able to sit around in an office all day.

 4. Do you come from a sports background? Yes all my family played hurling and soccer.

 5. Favourite sport? Camogie.



1. Why do you play sports? I've played sports all my life, it helps me stay fit and I enjoy the competition.

2. Did you come from a sports background? Yes I come from a GAA family. 

3. What team do you support? Tipp hurling team.

4. Whats your favourite sport? Hurling.

5. Do you have a role model? Why? Brian Cooley. Because he's a good manager.



1. Why did you pick your job? I moved over from England and I worked in a similar job over there and I wanted a change so I came over Ireland and this is the closest job.

2. Why do you play sports? It's better than sitting around all day.

3. What do you do in your spare time? I don't have a huge amount of spare time but if I do I play Rugby.

4. If you were an animal, what animal would you be? Some sort of bird, because they can fly.

5. Who is your role model? Why? Roy Keane because he is quite driven.

Despite the amount of real sports out there and the amount of work done by organizations like the Sports Promotion Unit kids play a lot of sports on the TV, X Box, Wii and Play Station, so we decided we would interview a group of 5th class students from St Fergal's and ask them about their experiences with computer games and "real sports"!


5th Class Interview. 


What sport games do you play on the computer, x-box, play station?

Oisín: I like to play all the FIFA games.

Anthony: I like FIFA 10.

Caolán: I rather play Dead Rising and Blue Dragon instead of sports games. 


Do you play sports outside, for example football/basketball?

Oisín: I like to play football and hurling.

Anthony: I like to play football.

Caolán: I don't like playing physical sports.


Do you rather play virtual sports or physical sports?

Oisín: I rather physical sports.

Anthony: I like to play virtual games.

Caolán: I rather play virtual games.


 Why do you play computer, playstation or x-box games?

All: Because they are fun and the time goes by quick.




Do you find when you are playing the playstation or x-box the time goes quicker?

All: Yes it goes really fast because you are having fun and you don't notice the time going by.


Do you think you are better online or physical?

All: Playing online game because its much easier.




So it seems that Virtual Sports win with younger kids at least. 


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